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Koda – Supervisor

Here is our lovely Koda, one of our youngest recruits this year. She has taken to the job like a duck to water and has recently been promoted to Supervisor.
Congratulations and well done Koda!

1) Tell us about your typical day at work…
“My typical day at work is usually upbeat and motivating. It’s great having nice conversations with the customers and regulars too. I love the people I work with as they always manage to make the shifts fun and lively – whilst remaining professional!”

2) Top reasons to visit The Sun…
“Top reasons to visit The Sun, in my opinion, are for the interesting local historic values that the pub has. Our team also constantly strives for excellent customer service, everyone is very friendly and welcoming, we work really well together in the hope all our customers enjoy their experience with us. You’ll always be in good hands when you come to The Sun!”

3) What do you enjoy about working with Team Sunny?
“I enjoy working for team sunny because I feel really at home and comfortable with the people I work with. I have found since working at The Sun, I am at my most confident when in work.”

4) Favourite way to spend a day off?
“My favourite way to spend a day off would either be seeing family, going drinking with friends or sleeping!”

5) What’s your favourite song?
“I have lots of favourite songs – but my number one would be Let me Blow Ya Mind by Eve & Gwen Stefani.”

6) Tell us an interesting fact about you…
“An interesting fact about myself is I am Native Latina from the Oglala Lakota Subtribe of Očhéthi Šakówin.”

7) Name your Spirit pick / Menu pick…
“My go-to drinks from The Sun would either be an Estrella, a White Zinfandel spritzer with lemonade or a Gin Ting with Lemonade.”