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Izzy – Bar Staff

Here’s our smiley Izzy! Izzy joined us this year and has been a pleasure to have on the team since day one. You’ll likely find her pulling pints, being our wonderful quizmaster… or making TikToks!

1) Tell us about your typical day at work… 
“Pouring pints and nagging Nige for some dinner.”

2) Top reasons to visit The Sun… 
“I feel like I should say something like… the history of the building. The well, old floorboards, and the rest!”

3) What do you enjoy about working with Team Sunny?
“The banter!”

4) Favourite way to spend a day off?
“Drinking in The Sun (responsibly of course).”

5) What’s your favourite song?
“Whatever is on the playlist at The Sun.” 

6) Tell us an interesting fact about you…
“I pour a better pint than Koda.”

7) Name your Spirit pick / Menu pick… 
“Cafe patron – until there’s none left of it!”