Lancaster Brewery

C2 Investments are the owners of both the Lancaster Brewery and operates four highly respected hotels and pubs, including yours truly "The Sun Hotel and Bar"
The new and improved "Lancaster Brewery and Visitor Centre" opened its doors recently after a change of location and doubling in size to keep up with the growing demand of our produce, now located up at Lancaster Leisure Park, the Visitor Centre Shop, Bar and Cafe are definitely an asset to the Brewery experience.

Our mission is quite simple - to produce excellent quality beer through diligently sourcing the finest natural ingredients whilst presenting our product in a modern and stylish way.

While our methods of brewing are traditional in every aspect, we are also scrupulous in our attention to detail with our ingredients. We assiduously avoid the use of sugars, caramels, chemicals and other modern beer ‘improvers’ and yet we are purposefully contemporary and maverick with the marketing of our beer.

Cask ale brewing is one of the few quintessentially British manufacturing sectors that is still thriving today. The qualities of Lancaster Brewery combine a number of attributes synonymous with the county of Lancashire – hard work, diligence, innovation and courage

The beers...

Lancaster Amber - 3.7% ABV

Lancaster Amber is a high quality, session beer. Punching above its weight in flavour, Amber, at 3.7% abv, is a low strength bitter that is dark gold in colour and complements its flavour profile with an abundantly hoppy bouquet allowing the drinker to relish subtle floral and citrus aromas. This is a classic session bitter that is both aromatic and bursting with flavour.

-Subtle floral and citrus aromas

Lancaster Amber has won Silver Award in the World beer Awards USA 2010

Lancaster Blonde - 4.1% ABV

Lancaster Blonde is a uniquely vivid golden bitter. Blonde has been designed to offer a quality cask conditioned ale to drinkers seeking a pale beer with real taste and aromatic impact. This most stylish and contemporary beer is crafted from pale Maris Otter Malt and carefully combined with Germanic style Munich Malt. The slightly citrus and delicate earthy aromas are created by a combination of First Gold and imported Saaz hops. The initial bitterness is followed by a delightful mouth feel culminating with a long dry finish

-Slight citrus flavour with a delicate biscuit overtone

Lancaster Blonde won Silver Award in the World Beer Awards USA 2010

Lancaster Black - 4.6% ABV

Lancaster Black is a classic, traditional stout reminiscent of the beer typically found in Lancashire during the 18th and 19th century. Black combines a complex taste with a rich and full body. At 4.6%, Black may be dark in appearance but is surprisingly crisp with a full bouquet of crisp fruits, spices and floral aromas. Brewed using a combination of Cascade and Challenger hops combined with Chocolate and Maris Otter malt.

-A stout for the true connoisseur


Lancaster Red - 4.9% ABV

Lancaster Red is a premium strength, ruby red beer, fired by plentiful amounts of Goldings and First Gold hops to give a wonderfully spicy but sweet fragrance. Using a blend of Maris Otter, Crystal and Dark Crystal malts, Red offers a robust malt-dominated body finished with a splendid bitter note. Red is an impact bitter designed to leave a lasting impression both visually and on the taste buds.

-A robust ale with a malt dominated body


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